Brian Francis' Bazaar-o-Rama En direct

Bird House Ornament 

"Folks, not only is this a work of art, it also has real bird seed inside! That way, if you get sick of Bits n' Bites over the holidays, you've got an another option. This was one dollar, which I thought was fair. Artisanal crafts don't come cheap."

by CBC Books
Hardy Boys Books

"The woman selling these had a huge box of them. She said they were collector's items. Alls I'm saying is that it took two boys to solve things that Nancy Drew figured out by herself. These were one dollar each." 

by CBC Books
Visa Card Holder

"Imagine the next time you're treating your honey to dinner at Pizza Hut and you pull this out at the end of the meal. What a way to make an impression, player! This was two dollars." 

by CBC Books
Asparagus Rolls

"These were about the wrongest things I've ever eaten. They were strips of white bread with cream cheese rolled around bits of canned asparagus. Ew. They also made my pee smell funny. These cost four dollars. I'm gonna need a second mortgage before the month is over." 

by CBC Books
Latch Hook Rug

"Good lord. I don't know what this is. I'm thinking it's a chicken. I kept spinning it around, but the more I spun it, the more confused I got. Anyways, I'll give it to Mother and tell her it's a butterfly. This was one dollar."
by CBC Books

"I love a good read and Tender Rebel by Johanna Lindsey sure looks like it provides insight into the human condition. Look at that flowing mane! Although I'm a little disturbed by how high up his hand is. I mean, her breadbox is right there. This was 25 cents." 

by CBC Books
Warm Cup Holder

"Don't ever say church women aren't opportunists. They spot something they can make at home and next thing you know, a multi-million dollar business has been born. This was one dollar.

To see the entire collection visit Brian Francis' Caker Cooking 

by CBC Books

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